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For the first few weeks of each season, four Houseguests are chosen to be the Have-Nots. These Houseguests are forbidden from eating any regular food; instead, they are forced to eat nothing but Big Brother Slop. The Have-Nots are decided by either a competition or another Houseguest.

Have-Not Competitions[edit]

Often hosted by the HOH, Have-Not competitions are present in the early weeks of the game. They determine the week's Have-Nots.

Season Competition Have-Nots
1 "Snow Day" Chris, Donato, Oliver, Ryan
"Apples to Apples" Donato, Gabe, JJ, Oliver
"Make A Match" Blake, Nathan, Oliver, Ryan
2 "Brick by Brick" Derek, Jason, Josh, Marc
"One Man's Trash" Alex, Connor, JB, Pep
"Piece of Cake" Alex, Brittany, Derek, Jacob
3 "Sweet Stacks" Bennett, Kevin, Maxwell, Michael
"Hot Potato" Bennett, Clarissa, Kevin, Marks
4 "Sushi Showdown" Dustin, Griffin, Nick, Sam
"Pass the Pumpkins" Dustin, Hanna, Isaiah, Josh
"Find That Food" Hanna, Isaiah, Robert, Warren