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Big Brother 2[edit]

Week 4[edit]

"these people think im going to fall lol tooo funny. lol the more she begs me to go down the more im going to stay up. Stupid bitches >.> omg their all so annoying i can stay here forever."
Derek (During the endurance competition)
"UGH >.> I WANT TO NOM KYLE AND BRITTANY SO BAD BUT I HAVENT DECIDED IF I WANT TO FLIP THIS GAME OR BE PART OF THE ECHO? ALRIGHTY MAYBE IL JUST KEEP IT SECRET AND MAKE THE WHOLE HOUSE SHOCKED NEXT WEEK. i think i want to flip the game around in my favour now but i dont know yet because i will need the numbers. Brittany as i said before is very popular but i hate them all. they all freaking wanted brit to win. i think im going to nominate Jacob and Marc maybe , not 100% but then when someone obviously saves themselves them Brit or Kyle are going up. I JUST HATE HOW LITTLE PEOPLE BULLY THE BIG PEOPLE. Brit, she is at the top of her game and i cant let her beat mme XD the only thing im worred about is long term is JURY vote. sad how they didnt hold up much of a fight though. they made me all mad today by saying these things so right now im not thinking logically so when i wake up tommorow il kno.


Derek (After winning Head of Household)
"im not ok because thats not the kind of person i am but they were threatening me and i prefer a friend, so i havent decided yet. i want everyone to tell me their peice and then i will correspond. ALL IN TIME XD"
Derek (On going back on his deal with Brittany and Kyle)
"the people i barrely talk to [Connor Derek etc?] probably think im this ditzy blonde girl. I don't think the heats on me. But I'm not even ditzy enough compared to Jacob hes so clueless. he just is like, it takes a while for him to process everything. he legit stands there at the key box. like jacob go to mem wall. OR he doesn't even get a key out, he just goes to mem wall."
Brittany (After Nominations)
"We have had this deal since day 1 or 2, i trust them, i just left the chat to get my mind off things, so yeah, i trust them with my life, i hope its the same with them."
Pep (On his alliance with Connor and Derek)
"if it helps her trust me, I honestly am here as a friend for her and I can deal with her shit, but at somepoint I have to divide my friendships from my allies and I think she's with the other side. IMO, she loves the attention. like everytime I try to say something about my life, it goes back tohers, so give her the attention I say :p"
Connor (On Alex's long stories)