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Big Brother Minecraft typically features a twist to the regular format of the series. The twists are often original and created specifically for the show; in some cases, however, twists are adapted from other editions of the show.

Big Brother 1[edit]

Pandora's Box[edit]

The inaugural season of the show featured no primary twist; however, the season is the first (and currently the only) season to feature Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box is a temptation offered to the Head of Household. Opening the box (a room adjacent to the Head of Household bedroom) releases a reward and a punishment into the house. Either of these could be given to either the Head of Household or the rest of the house.

Big Brother 2[edit]

Mystery Box Twist[edit]

The second season of the series featured an original twist, dubbed the "Mystery Box" twist. An extra Golden Power of Veto was released into the house each week. The Houseguest to whom this power was given was determined by the selection of one of four mystery boxes. For each of the three weeks this twist was active, the surviving nominee, the outgoing Head of Household, and two other Houseguests (both of whom are chosen by the surviving nominee and outgoing HOH, respectively) would be given the chance to open a mystery box.

Big Brother 3[edit]

The Chain Reaction[edit]

The third season of the series featured another original twist, referred to as, "The Chain Reaction" twist. For the first three weeks of the season the HOH would nominate only one Houseguest alongside a nominee chosen by the house the night before. After the live Head of Household competition, the newly crowned HOH would select one other Houseguest to save. That Houseguest would select another Houseguest, who would select another, and so on, until one Houseguest remained. That Houseguest, called the "chain nominee" would be nominated for eviction.

Big Brother 4[edit]

Battle of the Elements[edit]

The fourth season of the series saw the twelve Houseguests be split into four teams of three in a twist dubbed "Battle of the Elements". They were divided based on their characteristics and which of the four natural elements their personalities most resembled - fire, water, earth or air. If one member of a team were to win Head of Household, the others were safe from eviction for the week.