The Hitmen

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The Hitmen
Season Big Brother 1
Members Bryce
Votes Against 4
HOHs 2
Times Nominated 4
Veto Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Nathan (5/12)
Highest Placing Member Bryce (1/12)

The Hitmen was an alliance between Bryce and Nathan that was formed during week 2. He and Bryce remained close allies for the first few weeks and eventually formed a sub-alliance with JJ, called Massacre 666. The alliance essentially ended when Bryce backdoored their close ally, Violet, during the fourth week. Nathan's attempts to save her against Bryce's wishes distanced the pair. The Hitmen alliance was no longer, although Bryce attempted to mend the relationship once Nathan became the HOH at the double eviction. He was able to save himself and play the rest of the game with faux-loyalty to Nathan. He eventually played a role in evicting him during week 7.