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The Power of Veto is a power in Big Brother. The Power of Veto allows the owner to veto one of the nominations off the block. The Head of Household chooses a new nomination.

The Power of Veto is won weekly in a competition. Six houseguests compete for the Power of Veto, the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three other houseguests.

Power of Veto Drawing[edit]

The Head of Household and two nominees compete and each draw a chip from a bag to name the other three Veto players. The six houseguests would compete in a competition determining the winner of the Power of Veto.

Power of Veto Ceremony[edit]

The winner of the Power of Veto is called to the Diary Room, where they are briefed on the procedures of the Power of Veto ceremony. The Veto holder then proceeds to the Memory Wall, retrieves their Veto, and studies the portraits of all the remaining houseguests as they finalize their decision. The Veto Holder then calls in the remaining houseguests, who await the meeting in the backyard. The houseguests take their respective seats, either on the couches or in nomination chairs. The Veto holder begins the meeting by explaining the power the Veto holds and then asks the nominees to make a final plea. Each nominee makes a brief speech, if they so desire, to try and convince the Veto holder to use the Veto on them. Once the speeches are concluded, the Veto holder makes their decision. If they choose to use the Veto, they place the Veto around the neck of the nominee they have chosen to save. At this point, the Veto Holder is seated, the Head of Household stands, and chooses a replacement nominee, who then immediately takes the empty seat. If the Veto is not used, the Veto holder places it in a box on the table and closes it shut. After all decisions are made, the Veto holder calls the ceremony adjourned.

List of Power of Veto Competitions[edit]

Season Competition Winner
1 "Over the Rainbow" Chris
"X Marks the Spot" Ryan
"Sharp Shooter" Gabe
"Count Dracula" Blake
"Zingbot's Lab" Donato
"Catch the Carrots" Donato
"Morph-O-Matic" Bryce
"Otev the Alien" Bryce
"Marquee Mayhem" Blake
2 "Spare Change" Pep
"Hide and Go Veto" Josh
"Clowning Around" Connor
"Snowball Fight" Connor
"For the Love of Zingbot" Josh
"An Apple a Day" Marc
"A-Maze-Ing Veto" Josh
"Otev the Dog" Alex
"The Missing Link" Alex
3 "Spelling Bee" Michael
"Shop 'Til You Drop" Nico
"Spaced Out" Connor
"The Zingcubator" Maxwell
"Look Both Ways" Clarissa
"Time's Up" Clarissa
"Pixel Perfect" Nico
"Otev the Tiki" Connor
"O Christmas Tree" Marks
4 "Garden of Veto" Hanna
"Hit the Books" Dustin
"Big Brother Out West" Josh
"Going for the Gold" Nate
"Birthday Blackout" Isaiah
"A Chilly Chase" Hanna
"Make Your Move" Josh
"Otev the Ninja" Robert
"Get a Clue" Dustin