Massacre 666

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Massacre 666
Season Big Brother 1
Members Bryce
Votes Against 7
HOHs 3
Times Nominated 5
Veto Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member JJ (8/12)
Highest Placing Member Bryce (1/12)

Massacre 666 is the name of the alliance between Bryce, JJ, and Nathan. Ironically, JJ walked in just as Bryce and Nathan were discussing the fact that they disliked JJ. JJ, unaware of this, proposed the alliance. They both accepted, still working together as The Hitmen. Unbeknownst to JJ, Bryce and Nathan did not have his best interest in mind during the time they worked together. During the first endurance HOH competition, JJ's begging Bryce to throw it led to Bryce's desire to target JJ and end the alliance. Instead, he targeted their close ally, Violet, still ending the alliance.