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The HOH sign for Big Brother 3

The Head of Household (abbreviated HOH) is the position of supreme power and control in the Big Brother house. The Head of Household is selected each week during the live show. The winner of Head of Household is free from the threat of eviction. They receive perks, such as getting their own private bedroom, but are also faced with the decision of nominating two Houseguests for eviction.

HOH Competitions[edit]

Each week, all houseguests compete in the HOH Competition. The outgoing HOH is ineligible in the following HOH competition after their win; however, The final 3 is the only time that an outgoing HOH can win consecutive HOH competitions. HOH competitions fall into one of three major categories

Quiz Competition[edit]

Quiz competitions are fairly short and are shown during the eviction show. Questions range from events in the house to comments from previously evicted houseguests. The houseguests line up, each getting their own booth, unable to see each other. Julie Chen gives the question to the houseguests, who then answer when she says "Answers, please." Typically, houseguests answer by moving to either a white or black area of their booth, although some competitions have used stairs or sections of a divider. One incorrect answer typically results in elimination. The last person standing becomes the Head of Household. If after all possible questions have been exhausted and there are still more than one remaining houseguest playing, the competition continues into a tiebreaker round. The answer is always a number. The houseguests write the number on a chalkboard provided for them. The houseguest closest to the number without going over becomes the HOH. If all competitors go over, the houseguest closest to the number becomes the HOH.


Skill competitions typically involve speed and may differ from that format. The games are completed live.


Endurance competitions extend well past the time constraints of the episode. Houseguests generally stand on a platform. The last person standing becomes the Head of Household.

The Final HOH[edit]

The Final HOH competition occurs when there are only three remaining houseguests in the house. It is broken into three parts. The first competition is always an endurance competition. The winner of round one automatically advances to round three, while the two remaining houseguests compete in the skill, mental, or physical competition. The final HOH is usually played on finale night and is a quiz competition. The winner selects who to take to the final two, with the other houseguest being immediately evicted and seated with the jury outside in the studio. Being the most important HOH of the game, all houseguests are eligible to compete, even the outgoing HOH.

List of Head of Household Competitions[edit]

Season Competition Winner
1 "Leap Frog" Chris
"Majority Rules" Bryce
"Big Brother Says" Violet
"Off the Hook" Bryce
"Flew the Coop" Donato
"Before or After?" Nathan
"Father Time" Blake
"Flower Power" Gabe
"Fact or Fiction?" Blake
"King of the Jungle" Gabe
"The Path to Power" Blake
"Jury Statements" Blake
2 "Mushroom Madness" Pep
"More or Less?" Kyle
"Big Brother Burglary" Josh
"On the Edge" Derek
"What's in a Name?" Josh
"Before or After?" Marc
"Hocus Pocus Power" Jacob
"A Grave Situation" Derek
"Big Brother in Wonderland" Josh
"Up, Up, and Away" Brittany
"Line Up" Josh
"Jury Statements" Brittany
3 "Iceberg Alley" Nico
"Survey Says" Jojo
"Home Sweet Home" Nico
"Candy Cane Lane" Kevin
"Saving Face" Marks
"Bale Me Out" Clarissa
"Say Cheese" Nico
"Stop, Drop, and Roll" Jason
"Before or After?" Marks
"The Chain Reaction" Jason
"The Search is On" Nico
"Jury Statements" Nico
4 "Hole in the Wall" Hanna
"Battling the Elements" Nate
"This or That?" Nick
"Walk the Plank" Robert
"Never Have I Ever" Nate
"Before or After?" Dustin
"Do the Math" Nate
"Big Brother Bakery" Dustin
"Fact or Fiction?" Robert
"Down to the Wire" Robert
"Week to Week" Dustin
"Jury Statements" Dustin