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Season Big Brother 1
Members Bryce
Votes Against 1
HOHs 3
Times Nominated 3
Veto Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Gabe (3/12)
Highest Placing Member Bryce (1/12)

Chilltown was the name of the alliance between Bryce and Gabe. It was essentially formed during the first endurance competition. The members of Gabe's old alliance, The Brigade, were slowly being taken out and Gabe was the house's next target. Bryce decided to work with Gabe and turn against his old alliances, The Hitmen and Massacre 666, with his decision to backdoor either JJ or Violet during the week. He won the endurance competition and set his plan in motion, backdooring Violet and starting the alliance with Gabe. They eventually reached the final three together, making them the most successful alliance of the season.