Chain Reaction

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Chain Reaction
 • Big Brother 3 (Weeks 1, 2, & 3)

The Chain Reaction twist was featured on Big Brother 3. On day 1, Julie Chen revealed this twist, which changed the weekly nomination process.


After each Head of Household competition, the new HOH would start off a "chain reaction" by choosing one Houseguest to save. That selected Houseguest would save another Houseguest, and so on until one Houseguest remained, unsaved. That Houseguest would become that week's "chain nominee." At the nomination ceremony, the HOH would nominate a Houseguest of their choice alongside this chain nominee. If the Power of Veto was used to save the chain nominee, that Houseguest, the other nominee, and the Power of Veto winner, if they were not the chain nominee, would sit out of a new chain, started by the current HOH.


Past Chains[edit]

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Pre-Veto Post-Veto Pre-Veto Post-Veto
Nico Nico Jojo Nico Nico
Marks Eric Eric Connor Kevin
Jason Connor Nico Bennett Maxwell
Bennett Clarissa Connor Jason Marks
Matt Bennett Bennett Kevin Bennett
Connor Maxwell Marks Eric Eric
Clarissa Jason Jason Jojo Jason
Maxwell Marks Michael Maxwell
Jojo Jojo Clarissa Marks
Eric Kevin Maxwell Clarissa
Kevin Kevin